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Co-creating inclusive age-friendly cities

The URBANAGE project aims at providing a long-term sustainable framework for data-driven decision-making in the field of urban planning for age-friendly cities.


URBANAGE is a 3-year H2020 European initiative focused on improving the comfort of older citizens. The project started in 2021. Based on a thorough understanding of users’ needs, the ecosystem (tools, and cocreation) will be validated by piloting use-cases in three local planning systems in Europe (Helsinki, Santander, and Flanders).

Two pilot cases were designed for Flanders as a result of 3 cocreation workshops.

  • Based on comfort-indicators, a green comfort index is determined and visualised on a map. This information helps citizens find comfortable spots in the city and allows planners and policymakers to increase green comfort (or improve accessibility) based on inclusive, evidence-based decisions.
  • By mapping the distribution of older people with reduced mobility, policymakers can prioritise city upgrades to improve comfort.

On this webpage, we bundle use cases, demonstrating the outcome of this project.

Find out more: https://www.urbanage.eu/flanders

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About the Flanders pilot

Total surface: 13.522 km2

Inhabitants: 6.653.062 (2021)

URBANAGE Pilot highlights include:

  • Cocreation-based mapping of users’ needs;
  • The determination of a Green Comfort Index;
  • The visualisation of Green Comfort Index components;
  • 3D simulation of shadow impact of buildings and trees;
  • The usage of AI technology to improve calculations;
  • Anonymous mapping of higher concentrations of older people with reduced mobility;

In the picture

Amplifying the Voices of Older Adults

Elsie Haldane (Edited by Vilde Skorpen Wikan) wrote an article about URBANAGE and its mission to create age-friendly cities based on our European Week of Regions and Cities workshop.

URBANAGE Flanders – Cases

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