Test – Jurgen – 28/4 – Ghent

STATUS: started LOCATION: Belgien, null TARGET AUDIENCE: CHALLENGECase with scenarios. Test from Jurgen on 28/4. APPROACH Test Jurgen approach EXPECTED OUTCOME Test Jurgen - expected outcome string See this case live on DUET flanders_terrain,gent_lod2_semantics,gent_trees,gent_road_networkflanders_terrain,gent_lod2_semantics,gent_trees,gent_road_network See this case

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Urbanage – Find shadow rich locations in the city of Ghent

STATUS: started LOCATION: Belgium, Gent TARGET AUDIENCE: citizens CHALLENGE Senior citizens are vulnerable to the harmful effects of extreme heat during the summertime. Urbanage is a European project focusing on improving the life quality of senior citizens, based on smart city data. One of the Urbanage initiatives is to

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