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Change the way you see your city and decide better!

Digital Twins truly changes the policy game, disrupting the field of Smart Cities and transitioning to a new age of Responsive Cities. With Responsive Cities, solutions are not designed around citizens, they are designed with citizens.

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What We Offer

Make better evidence-based operational decisions and longer term policy choices.


DUET offers a business-level view that can be used to measure, analyse and predict operational impact across an entire city or region. This end-to-end, real-time, visibility enables cities to understand what is happening across its multi-disciplinary domains and services.


Predictive simulations create a better understanding of how a service can meet the needs of its target audience, enabling differing teams from across an organisation to work together to make more informed choices.


DUET provides a virtual city replica, which make it easy to understand the complex interrelation between traffic, air quality, noise and other urban factors. Cities can react quickly to events and simulate alternative policy and operational approaches based on real data.

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Who We Are

This online engine was built in the framework of the H2020 DUET project that started in 2020. The resulting cases for pilot regions Flanders, Pilsen and Athens are bundled on these pages integrating more than 10 models and over 50 datasets all over Europe.

More background information about the DUET project itself can be found here.

This open Digital Twin is used and further developed by other H2020 EU-projects such as Urbanage and Compair.

The DUET consortium is coordinated by DV and consists of 17 members from 5 European countries: leading technology companies, research institutions, public bodies have come together in order to realize the DUET platform and the related use cases.

Learn More

On March 17th 2022, the DUET project was presented to 27 EU Ministries in Strasburg.
This pitch movie showing the capabilities of the Digital Twin was presented

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